The Wizard of Oz
Frank L Baum
Adapted by Frank Gabrielson
Music & Lyrics of the screen version by
Harold Arten & E Y Harburg

An Amateur Production by
arrangement with Musicscope

The Cast

First General - Don Batchelor
Private - Judith Tremlett
Samantha Ahern, Sarah Rickett,
Jenny Scott, Hayley Clanfield,
Becky Collins, Emily Dalton,
Laura Fisher, Lucy Hill,
Ami Hill, Louise Kilshaw,
Leigh Lazarus, Amy Manaton, Atalia O'Leary, Joanna Pearce, Katrina Pincham.

Tough Kids
Jamie Knight, Sarah Rickett,
Jenny Scott

Lullaby League
Lucy Hill, Amy Manaton,
Katrina Pincham.

Scarecrow - Nina Taylor
Wicked Witch of the West - Denise James
Lady of Oz - Shirley Cousins
Tin Woodman - Jeremy Knight
Dorothy - Becky Harder
Sorceress of the North - Hazel Tranchant
Witch (Mombi) - Lindsey Williams
Witch (Saragh) - Janet Ball
Uncle Henry - Don Batchelor
The Cowardly Lion - Peter Murch
Wizard - Andy Lockyer
Aunt Em - Shirley Cousins
Farmhand - Judith Tremlett
Lord Growlie - Ron Kingdom
Tibia - Andy Lockyer
Barrister - Charis Taylor
Mayor - Abigail Monk
Coroner - Isabel Monk
Braggart - Jenny Scott

Emerald City
Girls - Charis Taylor,
Abigail Monk, Isabel Monk,
Gloria - Amy Taylor
Ozmas - Jenny Scott

Judith Tremlett, Leigh Lazarus,
Janet Ball, Debbie Shearman,
Mandy Hunt, Abigail Monk,
Amy Taylor, Charis Taylor,
Judith Tremlett.

Catherine Downton, Zoe Wyeth,
Eleanor Fotheringham,
Jodie Worbey,
Kimberley Hague, Eleanor Page,
Georgina Perry, Juliette Williams

Munchkin Farmers
Leigh Lazarus, Ami Taylor, Hayley Clanfield

Munchkin Tots
Lucy Hill, Amy Manaton, Katrina Pincham.

Samantha Ahern, Camilla Arnold, Anabel Barlow, Nicola Brewer, Lindsey Brewer, Ella Brown
Tricia Brooks, Becky Collins, Gemma Cruwys, Yolanda Cruwys, Emily Dalton, Laura Fisher,
Jodie Garvey, Megan Griffith, Katy Hartnell, Ami Hill, Louise Kilshaw, Daisy Lennon,
Danielle Lyons, Atalia O'Leary, Leanne Parsons, Louise Pearce, Joanna Pearce, Sarah Rickett,
Tanya Southard, Sophie Sowden, Jade Webb, Samantha Webber, Melanie Williams.

The Production Team

Directed & Produced by - Ron Kingdom & Irene Holland
Choreography - Irene Holland & Ester Sheriton
Lighting & Set Design - Roger Winwood, Julian Wyatt, Sheila Yeo
Stage Manager - Terry Lyon
Wardrobe - Denise James, Carol McNarry, Maureen Lindley
Prompt - Pam Rogers
Make Up - Denise James
Programme Design & Publicity - Louise Scott
Artwork - Liz Scott
Piano - Matthew Groom
Props - Geraldine Batchelor
(With grateful thanks to A. Barlow for the music)

The Willow Tree Theatre Company wishes to express its thanks to the Stage Crew,
Front of House team, local traders who displayed posters, and yourselves - the audience.