Sleeping Beauty Photo Gallery


A Traditional Fairy Tale
retold by
Jon Sowden

The Cast

Sleeping Beauty Photo Gallery

Princess Auroras Friends
Ella Brown, Grace Gardner,
Ami Hill, Lucy Hill,
Leigh Lazarus, Atalia O'Leary,
Jenny Scott, Gemma Tear.

Lindsay Brewer, Nicola Brewer,
Dana Cottrell, Clare Gardner.

Hunting Scene
Susan Gilbert, Trish Hill,
Louise Hudson, Leigh Lazarus,
Roz Pidcock, Pam Rogers,
Stuart Saunders, Gemma Tear.

 Panda - Ella Brown
Jack-in-the-Box - Ami Hill
Ball - Lucy Hill
Rag Doll - Atalia O'Leary
Teddy - Sophie Sowden

Princess Aurora - Sarah Gardner
Prince Caspian - Terry Veen
King - Don Batchelor
Queen - Denise James
Columbine - Tracey Wills
Nightshade - Nina Taylor
Silver Fairy - Hayley Clanfield
Gold Fairy - Louise Kilshaw
Lilac Fairy - Charis Taylor
Fox - Grace Gardner
Chester - Damian King
Humphry - Ron Kingdom
Nurse - Stave Warden
Goblin - Georgina Perry
Ghost - Louise Hudson

Bad Creatures
Ella Brown, Leigh Lazarus,
Jessica Martin, Amy Parker,
Joanna Pearce, Amy Rogers,
Emily Willis, Zoe Wyeth.

Grace Gardner, Ami Hill,
Lucy Hill, Leigh Lazarus,
Joanna Pearce, Jenny Scott.

Kay Andrews, Camilla Arnold,
Imogen Arnold, Annabel Barlow,
Rebecca Beevers, Amelia Cottrell,
Dana Cottrell, Clare Gardner,
Grace Gardner, Fleur Pont,
Laura Powter, Jenny Scott.

Susan Gilbert, Louise Hudson.

Lisa Dudley, Krystina Sanders.

Leigh Lazarus, Jenny Scott.


The Production Team

Director - Jon Sowden
Musical Director - Nick Lawrence
Producer - Elaine Clanfield
Lighting - Roger Winwood
Sound - Andrew Dunn
Set Construction - Roger Winwood,
Bernie Hill, Elaine & Alan Clanfield
Scenic Artist - Pam Rogers
Wardrobe - Denise James, Trish Hill,
Linda Powter


Stage Manager - Sheila Yeo
Asst. Stage Manager - Jacki Hayes
Props - Geraldine Batchelor
Tickets - Ann & Steve Rickett
Programme - Trish Hill, Jacque Taylor,
Nina Taylor
Cover and Posters - Annie Smith
Sign Boards - Elaine & Alan Clanfield
Make Up - Denise James & Team
Seating - Felix Design

The Willow Tree Theatre Company wishes to express its thanks to the Stage Crew, Front of House team, Irene Holland, the rehearsal pianist Derrick Knill, Evans Travel for selling the tickets, programme advertisers, Banbury's, Tony Dryhurst (The Racehorse), local traders who displayed posters, Steve Warden for his involvement, and yourselves - the audience.