Scrooge '96 Photo Gallery


Book, Lyrics & Music by
James Leisy

An amateur production by arrangement
with Joseph Weinberger

The Cast

Scrooge '96 Photo Gallery

Scrooge - Jeremy Knight
Bob Cratchit - Andrew Watkins
Topper/Neighbour - Leigh Lazarus
Emily - Charis Taylor
Fred - Stewart Saunders
Polly - Pam Rogers
Charity Collectors/Neighbours - Louise Kilshaw, Sarah Rickett
Marley's Ghost/Spirit of Christmas Future - Steve Warden
Spirit of Christmas Past - Isabel Monk

Fan - Vanessa Withers
Scrooge as a boy - Andrew Clanfield
Fezziweg/Joe the Pawnbroker - Don Batchelor
Dick Wilkins - Andrew Collins
Scrooge as a young man - Liam Patton
Belle - Abigail Monk
Child Spirits - Nicola & Lindsey Brewer, Sophie Sowden
Spirit of Christmas Present - David Morgans
Mrs Cratchit - Alison Drew
Cratchit's Daughters - Grace Gardner, Hayley Clanfield, Samantha Webber,
Lucy Hill, Laura Powter, Kay Andrews
Tiny Tim - Joe Patton
Neighbour - Joanne Pearce
Mrs Dilber - Trish Hill
Mrs Filcher - Denise James
Undertakers Wife - Irene Holland
The Chorus - The Whole Cast

Music Hall Ladies
Nina Taylor, Ros Pidcock,
Lindsey Williams, Tracey Wills


Street People
Tim Boxer, Amy Rogers,
Fleur Pont, Lauren Taylor,
Tace Daniels, Erin Daniels.

The Dance Drama
(The music for this ballet was compiled and arranged by Matthew Groom)

Grace Gardner, Atalia O'Leary, Lucy Hill, Ami Hill, Ella Brown, Fleur Pont

Scrooge's Mother
Denise James

Grief & Separation
Sarah Rickett

Vanessa Withers, Charis Taylor

Hayley Clanfield

Love & Rejection
Abigail Monk

Leigh Lazarus, Louise Kilshaw, Erin Daniels, Joanne Pearce

Dana Cottrell

The Production Team

Director - Jon Sowden
Producer - Ron Kingdom
Music Director - John Fitton
Choreographer - Irene Holland
Wardrobe  -  Denise James, Trish Hill,
Anne Rickett, Elaine Clanfield.
Publicity - Steve & Anne Rickett, The Committee
Programme & Posters - Anne Rickett, Sheila Yeo
Sign Boards - Elaine Clanfield, Trish Hill, Nina Taylor


Lighting & Sound - Roger Winwood,
Julian Wyatt, Steve Rickett
Set Construction - Ron Kingdom, Roger Winwood, Trevor Price, Bernie Hill, Steve Rickett, Mike Allen
Scenic Artist - Pam Rogers

Stage Manager  -  Sheila Yeo
Asst. Stage Manager  -  Lynne Read
Makeup  -  Denise James & Team
Properties  -  Geraldine Batchelor

Front of House  -  Theatre Company, Committee and Friends, Lions Club

The Willow Tree Theatre Company wishes to express its thanks to the Stage Crew, Front of House team, Irene Holland for help too numerous to mention, Matthew Groom the rehearsal pianist, Evans Travel for selling the tickets, the advertisers in the programme, Tony Dryhurst (The Racehorse) for his support, local traders who displayed posters, Michael Hooper, Alan Watts, Bernie Hill for set design and material, Steve Warden for his involvement, and yourselves - the audience for your continued support.