Peter Pan
(The British Musical Version)

Book, Music & Lyrics by
Piers Chater-Robinson.
Based on the novel by J.M.Barrie

An Amateur Production by
arrangement with Samuel French


The Cast


Peter Pan - Kathryn McNarry
Wendy - Amy Taylor
John - Abigail Monk
Michael - Isabel Monk
Mrs Darling - Nina Taylor
Mr Darling - Jeremy Knight
Liza (the maid) - Candace Corbin
Nana (the dog) - Hazel Trenchant
Captain Hook - Peter Murch
Smee - Carol McNarry

Starkey - Ron Kingdom
Cecco - Sarah Parker
Bill Dukes - Nina Taylor
Cookson - Don Batchelor
Skylights - Irene Holland
Woodler - Zoe Pollard
Mullins - Lindsey Williams
Chancy - Candace Corbin
Runner - Nicholas Bowden
Crocodile - Himself


Cheif - Jeremy Knight
Tiger Lily - Hazel Trenchant
Sparkling Water - Janet Ball
Willow Tree - Candace Corbin
Water Lily - Joanne Murphy
Running Dog - Hayley Clanfield
Cunning Fox - Steven Wood
Bald Eagle - Rachel Henson

Stalking Bear - Katrine Pincham
Grizzley Bear - Sarah Rickett
Running Horse - Louise Kolshaw
Shooting Arrow - Hannah Sugden
Grey Rock - Amy Mannaton
Dancing Wolf - Catherine Edwards
Prancing Pony - Lucy Hill
Lazy Buffalo - Laura Thomas

Children of the World
Sarah Stevenson, Gemma Cruwys

Never Land Ballet

Emma Gutteridge, Georgina Perry, Tanya Southard, Danielle Lyons, Amelia Cottrell,
Emily France, Rebecca Cockran, Jade Webber, Annabel Barlow, Katie Hartnol, Kay Andrews,
Nicki Widowson, Imogen Arnold, Camilla Arnold, Lucy Widowson.

Ella Brown, Sophie Sowden
Janet Ball, Hazel Trenchant, Joanne Murphy
Steven Wood

Atalia O'Leary, Justine Baker
Candace Corbin
Lauren Taylor, Jodie Garvey

Mermaids Lagoon Ballet

Sophie Sowden, Rachel Henson
Water Nymphs
Janet Ball, Rebecca Harder, Candace Corbin

Water Sprites
Hayley Clanfield, Amy Mannaton
Lauren Taylor, Jodie Garvey

The Production Team

Director - Vicky Lindley
Asst. Director - Irene Holland
Producer - Irene Holland
Choreographer (Ballet) - Janet Ball
Choreography - Irene Holland
Music Coordinator - Julia Chilcott
Lighting/Set Design - Roger Winwood,
Julian Wyatt, Sheila Yeo
Stage Manager - Paul Bowden

Wardrobe - Denise James, Maureen Lindley,
Louise Scott, Carol McNarry, Nancy Garvey
Props - Denise James, Carol McNarry,
Maureen Lindley
Prompt - Pam Rogers
Make Up - Denise James, Dawn Wood
Flying - John Morgan (RM Lympstone)
Publicity - Ron Kingdom
Original Artwork - Pam Rogers

The Willow Tree Theatre Company wishes to express its thanks to the Stage Crew, Front of House team (Pauline & Roger Workman and friends), local traders for their advertisements & those who displayed posters, and yourselves - the audience.