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Tiverton Gazette


December 1st 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
A festive fairytale of New York is set to wow audiences

   It will look a lot like a wintry New York from days gone by in the New Hall in Tiverton this week - thanks to the efforts of the Willow Tree Theatre Company.
   The 40-strong cast plus crew and supporters have spent the last few days putting the finishing touches to their latest festive-flavoured show, which began its run last night (Monday, November 30th).
   The company will be hoping to repeat the all-singing, all-dancing success of 'Hood - The Musical', a funky take on the story of Robin Hood, which was a huge hit with audiences last year.
   This year the company is staging its version of 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas' which is based on the feel-good movie 'Miracle On 34th Street'.
   The key roles are that of Susan Walker, played by ten-year-old Emily Searle, and Kris Kringle, who is played by Adrian Garland.
   The film was set in the Big Apple and centred on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade where there is still a place for the true spirit of Christmas in the face of the cynical forces of commercialism.
   Producer Steve Gage said: "This is probably the most Christmas-themed show we have produced at Willow Tree.  The cast have been working on their American accents and there is also dialogue in authentic Dutch.  We have been working in rehearsals at Tiverton High School, and they have a teacher who is Dutch, he made sure the dialogue was spot-on".

   Steve said the company prided itself on offering good value for money and prices for this year's show are only slightly higher than they were a decade ago.
   Technicians have been working hard to put together the set for the 2009 production, which includes a revolving section in the centre of the stage.
   Another challenge has been conveying the sheer scale of a three-hour parade that attracts millions of prime-time American television viewers.
   And the crew is hoping for a similar reaction from audiences to the praise heaped on last year's impressive woodland glen stage setting and realistic fight scenes.

By Richard Wevill