A Musical in two acts based on
Lewis Carroll's
Alice in Wonderland
Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Cast

White Rabbit - Ami Hill
Caterpillar - Nick Corden
Tweedledee - Roz Pidcock
Tweedledum - Nina Taylor
Cheshire Cat - Derrick Knill
Duchess - Shirley Cousins
Mad Hatter - Damien King

Alice - Hayley Clanfield

March Hare - Steve Warden
Dormouse - Pam Rogers
Mock Turtle - Leigh Lazarus
Griffin - Clare Lewis
Queen - Louise Hudson
King - Don Batchelor
Cook - Sue Gilbert


Laura Powter, Lauren Taylor, Georgina Perry, Lindsey Brewer,
Nicola Brewer, Kay Andrews, Emily Morrison, Emma Larcombe,
Annabel Barlow, Rebekah Hayes, Fleur Pont, Clare Gardner, Fay Billison, Amy Parker.


Duck - Lucy Hill
Dodo - Atalia O'Leary
Crab - Kathering Gilbert
Eaglet - Amy Rogers
Mouse - Ella Brown
Parrot - Sophie Sowden
Frog Footman - Karen Rogers
Fish Footman - Kay Andrews
Ace of Spades - Katrina Pincham
Knave of Hearts - Abigail Pudney

Cards, Trees,
Bushes & Flowers
Faye Billison, Nicola Brewer,
Lindsey Brewer, Annabel Barlow,
Rebekah Hayes, Emilie Morrison,
Georgina Perry, Laura Powter,
Lauren Taylor, Amy Parker,
Clare Gardner, Emma Larcombe,
Kay Andrews.
Black Queen - Denise James
White Queen - Trish Hill

Voice of Alice's Mother - Irene Holland

The Production Team

Director  -  Jon Sowden
Producers  -  Elaine Clanfield & Ron Kingdom
Music Director  -  John Fitton
Choreographers  -  Irene Holland
& Debbie Shearman
Sound  -  Andrew Dunn
Wardrobe  -  Denise James & Team


Lighting  -  Roger Winwood
Stage Manager  -  Shiela Yeo
Asst. Stage Manager  -  Jacki Hayes
Makeup  -  Denise James & Team
Programme  -  Elaine Clanfield & Trish Hill
Sign Board  -  Kate Perry
Tickets  -  Steve & Ann Rickett


Programme Cover/Poster Design  -  Elaine & Hayley Clanfield
Props  -  Jane Lewis
Front of House  -  Theatre Company, Committee and Friends


The Willow Tree Theatre Company wishes to express its thanks to the Stage Crew, Front of House team, Irene Holland, Bernie - for set construction, Evans Travel for selling the tickets, the advertisers in the programme, Tony Dryhurst (The Racehorse), local traders who displayed posters, and yourselves - the audience.