NODA Report
(Hood The Musical - 2008)


NODA Award
(Hood The Musical - 2008)

Rick & Joel Barfoot receiving the
NODA Regional Award for Excellence 2009
on behalf of The Willow Tree Theatre Company.
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The Writers' Comment
(Hood The Musical - 2008)




Hi Steve,

Fantastic news about your NODA award! Itís nice when you are rightly recognised for putting a great deal of work into something and you certainly did that for Hood! An all round great performance.

Well I hope you all enjoy the fruits of your hard work and both Steve and I congratulate you wholeheartedly for gaining an award for a Hood production, which from where we started from with this back in the 90ís we thought would never happen.

Hope your future shows are successful and hope to speak to you again soon.

Please pass on our thoughts to your company regarding this award.

Thanks again and well done!

Andy (and Steve)
(Andy Brown & Steve Williamson - Co-writers Hood The Musical)