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"December The 25th"

Christmas Past

"Thank You Very Much"

Marley & Scrooge

"I've Come To Say Goodbye"


Scrooge & "Boy"

"I Like Life" Toy Ballet Toy Ballet Toy Ballet "Christmas Children" "Happiness"

"December 25th"

Scrooge & Christmas Present Christmas Present "Happiness" Scrooge & Christmas Past Marley (Backstage) "December 25th"
Scrooge & Christmas Present Christmas Past Scrooge making-up Christmas Past & Scrooge Richard Maddicks - (Minister's Cat) Polly Morton (Isabel) Steve, Rick, Jan, Richard, & Paul (Backstage) Steve & Joel
Jon Sowden (Director) Rehearsal Tiny Tim "Good Times" Backstage "Toy Ballet" Richard & Leigh Leigh-Leigh & Richipoos - (Not My Idea) Becky-Poos