End of Term Show - 2009


The images shown below are a selection from the show.  The images they link to are compressed in order to speed up page loading, and therefore are reduced quality.  The original images are high quality large files.  If you would like to purchase, on CD, all 200+ images at the original high quality, the collection can be ordered at a cost of 8.00 (inc p&p).  Please email me HERE with your name, address, phone number and requirements.  On receipt of your email I will contact you to arrange payment method and delivery.  Alternatively you can order the individual photos from Twyford Photography, Bampton St. Tiverton. Tel: 01884 254818. - ensuring you quote the photo reference number(s) shown below the image(s).
Please note that the high quality DVD of the show is available to order HERE at a cost of 10.00 + 1.50 P&P

Many thanks to Andrew Lockyer of Twyford Photography & Print.

IMG_9514 IMG_9516 IMG_9517 IMG_9518 IMG_9521
IMG_9523 IMG_9524 IMG_9527 IMG_9528
IMG_9530 IMG_9536 IMG_9539 IMG_9545 IMG_9544
IMG_9550 IMG_9547 IMG_0146 IMG_9552
IMG_9555 IMG_9557 IMG_9561 IMG_9564 IMG_9567
IMG_9570 IMG_9571 IMG_9576 IMG_9577
IMG_9584 IMG_9590 IMG_9601 IMG_9603 IMG_9605
IMG_9615 IMG_9620 IMG_9624 IMG_0628
IMG_0174 IMG_0186 IMG_0188 IMG_9648 IMG_9650
IMG_9651 IMG_9658 IMG_9662 IMG_9669
IMG_9676 IMG_9678 IMG_9683 IMG_9701 IMG_0195
IMG_9710 IMG_9712 IMG_9715 IMG_9719
IMG_9726 IMG_9746 IMG_9747 IMG_0205 IMG_9750
IMG_9760 IMG_9770 IMG_9773 IMG_9776
IMG_9778 IMG_9784 IMG_9791 IMG_9793 IMG_9797