"Flight of Fancy"

End of Term Show - 200

Thumbnail Gallery

The images shown below are just a selection of thumbnails from the show, with no hyperlink to a larger photo.  This is due to the high quality and large file size of the original images.  In order to reduce the file size to a level suitable for website publishing the quality would be poor.  If you would like to purchase, on DVD, all 200+ images at the original high quality, the collection can be ordered at a cost of 8.00 (inc p&p).  Please email me HERE with your name, address, phone number and requirements.  All proceeds will go to the Willow Tree Theatre Company.  On receipt of your email I will contact you to arrange payment method and delivery.  Alternatively you can order the individual photos from Twyford Photography, Bampton St. Tiverton. Tel: 01884 254818. - ensuring you quote the photo reference number(s) shown below the image(s).

Many thanks to Andrew Lockyer of Twyford Photography & Print.







IMG_3588 IMG_3592 IMG_3598 IMG_3604


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IMG_3633 IMG_3638 IMG_3645 IMG_3646
IMG_3652 IMG_3658 IMG_3661 IMG_3663 IMG_3671
IMG_3680 IMG_3681 IMG_3684 IMG_3686

IMG_3688 IMG_3690 IMG_3695 IMG_3696 IMG_3700
IMG_3701 IMG_3703 IMG_3706 IMG_3708
IMG_3710 IMG_3712 IMG_3714 IMG_3715 IMG_3717
IMG_3718 IMG_3726 IMG_3728 IMG_3729
IMG_3732 IMG_3735 IMG_3738 IMG_3737 IMG_3739
IMG_3742 IMG_3747 IMG_3761 IMG_3769
IMG_3772 IMG_3773 IMG_3774 IMG_3779 IMG_3780