The Willow Tree Centre of Dance
and Performing Arts.


 Company Policy relating to the use of Photographic Images - 2007

 The Willow Tree Centre of Dance and Performing Arts (incorporating the Willow Tree Theatre Company) are committed to protecting all students and company members, in particular the dignity and privacy of those students under the age of sixteen years.

Following recent legislation the Company is taking steps to ensure that its members, or if under 16 years of age their parents/guardians, are comfortable with their photographs being displayed.

The internet in particular is a wonderful medium upon which to record information, and display photographs which show the ability and talent of the students and Company members.

The Company policy works on the basis of ‘Implied Permission’, therefore if you have any objection to photographs, of either yourself or your child/children, being displayed on the Willow Tree website (we do not include any child’s name along with their photograph on our website), on noticeboards, or in any other company publication or advertisement, please notify the Company in writing stating your full name and/or the full name(s) of your child/children.

In addition to the above, the use of video recording equipment by the company will be closely monitored.  Recording of our  performances (either video or sound) by members of the public is in breach of copyright regulations  and is therefore not allowed.  The Company reserves the right to confiscate any such recordings if discovered.

Thank You.

Irene Holland.